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TASMANIA SAYS YES! - Media Release, 15 November 2017

The Yes vote today is a historic statement for Australia as an inclusive and progressive nation. I am so pleased yet relieved.

This was a vote for equal rights for same sex couples in our country to marry the person they love.

The Yes vote is also a fantastic result for Tasmania, and reflects the goodwill of the Tasmanian people today who have spoken loud and clear.

The fact that the Yes vote in Tasmania was higher than the national average shows how strongly Tasmanians feel about equality for LGBTI people.

In 1997, homosexuality was illegal in Tasmania. In 2017, Tasmania voted for marriage equality.

How far we have come.

This is a $100 million survey that we should not have had to go through. But having gone through it, Tasmanians have done their bit and made their voice heard.

It’s now the job of all of us in parliament to legislate for marriage equality by the end of the year.

Those conservatives who have lead the Turnbull government on this issue need to respect the voice of the Australian people and get out of the way. They cannot and must not try to reverse anti-discrimination laws by stealth.

I’m looking forward to Senator Dean Smith’s marriage quality bill being introduced into the Senate today and I will be voting for it.