DUTTON’S AMBITION HAS KEPT HOBART WAITING - Media Release, Monday 27 August 2018

Senator Lisa Singh has written to Minister Peter Dutton today, urging him to immediately deliver the millions of dollars needed by the Hobart community after devastating floods ripped through the city in May this year.

I am extremely disappointed that the Coalition government’s typical chaos and disunity has needlessly kept Hobart waiting for the millions of dollars we need in flood-recovery funding.

So fixated has Peter Dutton been with his calamitous grab for power that his Department has not managed to assess Hobart City Council’s relief request – despite it being applied for more than a month ago.

As a victim of the recent Hobart floods myself, I know exactly how important it is to fix the incredible damage to Hobart’s social infrastructure as soon as possible.

Despite the uncertainty, I applaud the Council and its employees for carrying on with their flood-recovery work.

They have shown the same spirit as thousands of Hobartians have since our properties were damaged back in May.

But the Hobart community can’t do it alone – we need government support to help us now and protect us from the same situation happening again.

The Federal Government can’t just care about floods when it suits, or when it is not too busy ripping itself apart and refusing to govern.

I call on Prime Minister Morrison and Peter Dutton – who is still the Home Affairs Minister despite his own destructive impact – to release flood-recovery funds to Hobart immediately so we can finally put our beautiful city back together.


Authorised by Noah Carroll, ALP, Canberra.