2019 SENATE RESULT - Media Release, Thursday 13 June 2019

It has been a privilege to represent Tasmanians in the Senate for the past 8 years.  It has always been my goal to put the interests of Tasmanians first, represent the values they care about and seek to make a difference in their lives.

Unfortunately, despite receiving a similar level of support to the 2016 election, I have not been returned to the Senate.

I remain deeply inspired by the support I received during this election and the last. So many people said they were backing me. I want to thank the thousands of Tasmanians who gave me their first preference – it is humbling to have received the highest below the line vote in our state.

While I won’t be joining my Labor colleagues in the Senate, I congratulate all those elected. I also pay tribute to Justine Keay and Ross Hart who I know worked hard for their communities. I want to thank my Federal Labor Caucus colleagues for their support over the years.

I am going to take some time to reflect on what the next chapter of my life looks like. However, I will leave the Senate content that I have done my best.

During my time in the Senate I have held shadow ministerial positions including Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment, Climate Change and Water and Shadow Parliamentary Secretary to the Shadow Attorney-General.

I have advocated for a more humane treatment for asylum seekers, better support for asbestos disease sufferers and led policy development banning Australia’s domestic trade in elephant ivory. I initiated an inquiry into human trafficking and slavery and played a pivotal role in developing policy for a Modern Slavery Act.

I have worked constructively with all sides of politics through the Senate Committee process and enjoyed the collegial nature of working on Senate inquires.

I have taken the Tasmanian story to the Federal Parliament – our unique and enviable way of life, the struggles we face as a community – to make sure our voice is heard on the national stage.

Despite the negative view of politics at the moment, I’ve found it an honour to represent the people of Tasmania and help make a difference in their lives. I know there are other decent politicians on all sides who work hard to do the same. My day to day work as a Senator assisting individual constituents on a range of issues has been some of the most rewarding.

Election campaigns place a lot of pressure on staff and family. I want to thank my staff for sticking by me. Thanks to my partner Colin Grubb for his love and support. And a big thanks to my volunteers and supporters.

I have enjoyed being the Tasmanian people’s senator over the past 8 years and I have the Tasmanian people to thank for that.

THURSDAY, 13 JUNE 2019